City of Nevada

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement in the City of Nevada is handled by our Code Compliance Investigator. Code violations include but are not limited to:

Weeds and vegetation greater than 12 inches in height (excluding shrubs, bushes, trees, cultivated flowers and cultivated crops)
Nuisance violations
Dangerous rubbish piles
Depositing dirt, rubbish or brush on a public street, right of way or easement
Performing work that requires a permit without first obtaining the required permits
Construction violations
Altering the flow of storm water without a required permit
Abandoned or junk vehicles
Failure to maintain required erosion control
Failure to abate silting onto public property

Citizens wishing to report Code violations may do so by email from this website or at, or by phone at 972-853-0027. Be sure to include the location, type of violation suspected and any other information you feel relevant. If you want to be contacted please include contact information.